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Video EditingThe audiovisual field has undergone a very dynamic development during past few years and it is becoming an increasingly important factor in the business world. A good image is the first major step towards a successful business. Audiovisual materials help you communicate quickly and efficiently an important amount of information about your company.

Sound Recording

Do you need an advertising video or a company presentation film? Would you like to subtitle an already existing film or do you need consultancy to improve your image? Our company is ready to help you and an experienced team of directors, editors, cameramen and postproduction specialists is at you service. Furthermore, in order to assure top quality services from all points of view, the advertising films and voice recordings are done with the help of professional actors.

Nowadays, it is vital for any company to be present on the vast common European market and convey a clear message. We can subtitle films in any European language and offer you voice recordings in Romanian and Hungarian. For subtitling jobs, we hire professionals linguists or translators, while the voices belong real voice talents with a vast experience in the field.

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